We're on this journey together...

Welcome! We're on this journey together.


I am Christina Haupt, a young artist, based in Germany.  For several years now, I'm following my mission: to make present global (and everyday) challenges accessible via art. I understand my art as a humble invitation to educate yourself while entertaining and developing new perspectives to change whatever needs to be changed. 


My invitation is to to take a step back, to look at life from another stance & to enjoy the wonders of the world. I address a variety of pressing socio-cultural topics and the emotions related to them. Although my single artworks are very distinct, they all ask you to ask questions and, possibly, to find an answer.


What's so different about my art? Well.. I simply feel like there's a lot of artists out there pretending that there's no connection between 'art' and 'real' life. My art proves them wrong by meeting you were you're at, provoking thoughts and daring to dream. Are you in?



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